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"The Styx Strikers", A Mecha Adventure Novel by Thor Z.

I've written a full length SciFi novel to fit into the Battletech game world, focusing on adventure rather than politics like the existing novels do.  It's fun!  I think you might like it.

And, Mechwarrior-5 is coming out at the end of 2018, Ooh-Rah!

Drum Solos Rock

Drum solos can be somewhat confusing at times.  What we really need to find are some truly melodic drum solos for a change.

I located a few!  Enjoy.

an image

Meet The CheeseHead...

"I jumped on the counter and helped myself to an entire block of Cheese!

 I am in Soooooo much trouble!"

FM Synthesizers - Programming Guide

A visual How-To Guide on programming FM synthesizers 

Start from a recording and get the sound you really want out of your FM Synthesizer.

Yamaha FS1R Fseq Editor

The existing fseq editors sound synthetic and scratchy so I programmed a new Editor.

The sequences this one creates sound superb, exactly like you expect.

Yamaha FS1R - Human Voices

This Synth can do amazing human voices.  I've used the timbre of Christina Aguilera's lower voice register to create a very realistic voice patch.  Here's how.

Yamaha PLG100-SG - Voice Card

This unknown Yamaha synth plugin card can sing using realistic human voices, but the manuals are all in Japanese... Not anymore. I translated the manuals into English so the card is usable now!

Metal Artwork

Here are some of the Metal Art pieces that I've done.

I used to have a commercial art website, but my Robotics company takes up too much time.

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