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"The Styx Strikers", A Mecha Adventure Novel by Thor Z.

I've written a full length SciFi novel to fit into the Battletech game world, focusing on adventure rather than politics like the existing novels do.  It's fun!  I think you might like it.

And, Mechwarrior-5 is coming out at the end of 2018, Ooh-Rah!

Can a midi file match Human Performance?

Midi files generally sound pretty bland, but can they sound like a real person is playing?  Absolutely!  You just have to know how to do it.  (and I have a Secret Weapon...)

The 'Acoustic Modeling' Technics SX-WSA1R

This Synthesizer makes it easy to create custom Acoustic instrument sounds, mixed into crazy, unique combinations.  It beats the Yamaha VL1 in several aspects!

The Technics SX-WSA1R Dissected

Just what does the 'Modeling' section of the WSA1R actually do anyway?  Let's load the audio signal into a Frequency Spectrum Analyzer, run some tests, and find out.

Drum Solos Rock

Drum solos can be somewhat confusing at times.  What we really need to find are some truly melodic drum solos for a change.

I located a few!  Enjoy.

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Meet The CheeseHead...

"I jumped on the counter and helped myself to an entire block of Cheese!

 I am in Soooooo much trouble!"

FM Synthesizers - Programming Guide

A visual How-To Guide on programming FM synthesizers 

Start from a recording and get the sound you really want out of your FM Synthesizer.

The Baffling Yamaha FS1R

A Technical Review of the amazing Yamaha FS1R Synthesizer.

Yamaha FS1R Fseq Editor

The existing fseq editors sound synthetic and scratchy so I programmed a new Editor.

The sequences this one creates sound superb, exactly like you expect.

Yamaha FS1R - Human Voices

This Synth can do amazing human voices.  I've used the timbre of Christina Aguilera's lower voice register to create a very realistic voice patch.  Here's how.

Yamaha PLG100-SG - Voice Card

This unknown Yamaha synth plugin card can sing using realistic human voices, but the manuals are all in Japanese... Not anymore. I translated the manuals into English so the card is usable now!

Yamaha VL Synths vs VST's

VST's are the latest in synth technology, but what about their predecessors?  

The Yamaha VL Virtual Acoustic synthesizers are an interesting option, now that prices have dropped on all of the older hardware.

Metal Artwork

Here are some of the Metal Art pieces that I've done.

I used to have a commercial art website, but my Robotics company takes up too much time.

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